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Birch Hill Chambers' advocates regularly advise and represent individuals, domestic & international organizations, NGOs, and governments on matters of importance ranging from: human rights issues, diplomatic & consular matters (including immunities), employment & labor (workplace issues, cooperatives, unions & guilds), sanctions (permissive and/or restrictive in travel & business matters), sports (violations, sanctions, ethics, anti-betting, anti-doping, match-fixing) corporate responsibility issues, international humanitarian law, sustainable peace in high conflict areas, intellectual property (including trade secrets,  licensing) and commerce (import / export.)

We have an extensive network of local advocates in other jurisdictions to provide comprehensive advice and representation for clients when dealing with issues in multiple forums.

Birch Hill Chambers' advocates represent clients in global trial / arbitral courts including, but not limited to:

AfDB - African Development Bank Administrative Tribunal   ADB - Asian Development Bank Administrative Tribunal  ATCE - Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe    Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos / Inter-American Court of Human Rights    CPA / PCA - Cour Permanente D’Arbitrage / Permanent Court of Arbitration    Curia - European Court of Justice and General Court    EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Administrative Tribunal  ECHR - European Court of Human Rights / Cour Europeénne de Droits de l’Homme    IADB - Inter-American Development Bank Administrative Tribunal   ICC - International Chamber of Commerce    ICJ - International Court of Justice / Cour Internationale de Justice   ICSID - International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes    IMF - International Monetary Fund   OSCE - Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe   TAS / CAS - Tribunal Arbitral De Sport / Court of Arbitration for Sport    WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization

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