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  Whether you are running a single staff hotdog stand, a farm-to-table cooperative, or a large multi-national conference center or restaurant chain there will be issues that arise from the local / city / state / federal and international arenas that require diligent and knowledgeable representation.

    Those issues may be zoning / variance, licensing, union, compliance, agro-business, building / health violations, quality of life violations - oftentimes caused by the building and health violations, and many others.


  Workforce matters including facility maintenance and direct operations - servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, management, marketing, and human resources, etc. (both union and non-union) are a central core expertise of many of our advocates.

   Compliance issues ranging from complex international import & export of food & beverage- specialty areas in wine, beer & liquor to / from the European Union and elsewhere are a key centerpiece of Birch Hill Chambers' advocates' competency.


   Contact us with your specific issue.

  Birch Hill Chambers' advocates represent clients (businesses / individuals) in

Lodging - hotels, motels, flotels, inns, resorts, serviced apartments, timeshares, bed and breakfasts (B & Bs); event planning - banquet & catering establishments, conference centers; restaurants - nightclubs, pubs and public houses, bistros, bars, strip clubs; theme parks, transportation - by air, sea, rail, car / bus, cruise lines, and additional fields within the tourism industry - travel agents, tour operators, and leisure centers among others.


  With each new product (or newly re-launched product) on the market comes the opportunity for a branded hospitality tie-in; licensing of that product is key for maximum revenue potential. 

  It could be a new wine or craft beer or single malt scotch, bourbon, rye or maybe a new cheese or entire restaurant concept - the possibilities are limitless.


  Explore more of your creativity with us! 


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