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  Since 405 BC when Aristophenes’ THE FROGS was first mounted in Athens until today with the largest multi-camera satellite television programme or multi-unit motion picture production, the requirement for competent business savvy has existed.


  William Shakespeare’s THE GLOBE THEATRE combined creative talent, with facility & theatrical management to deliver messages of social commentary that Western Union could only hope to deliver some 300 years later with the telegram!


   It all starts with a compelling story discovered by the producer.


  As each of the elements is added (director, production designer, composer, etc), like a recipe, the production begins to take shape, as if almost by happenstance… each element working in perfect unison to deliver the finest in entertainment value for a yearning audience.


  The magic IN the magic.


  Upon delivery the awaiting audience is thrilled, enlightened, overjoyed, captivated…


  A production is born, an audience is enamored; for the last 90 or so minutes, you have taken them away from their reality – into yours!


  Welcome… this is the entertainment business.

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