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                Department of State
                              Office of Administrative Hearings

Generally, hearings in matters of current Licensees and Applicants for licensure for a variety of professions, including, but not limited to: real estate brokers, appraisers, notaries public, hair stylists, barbers, security guards and private investigators.




Apartment Information Vendor & Sharing Agent; Appraisal Management Company; Real Estate Appraiser; Real Estate Broker; Real Estate Salesperson;  Home Inspector; Manufactured Homes


Apostille or Certificate of Authentication; Notary Public; Political Consultant; Right of Publicity; Bail Enforcement Agent; Private Investigator; Athlete Agent;  Automobile Broker; Central Dispatch Facility; Armored Car Carrier; Armored Car Guard; Security Guard; Watch, Guard or Patrol Agency


Appearance Enhancement Business; Barber; Barber Apprentice;  Barber Shop Owner/Area Renter; Cosmetology; Esthetics; Natural Hair Styling; Nail Specialty; Nail Specialty Trainee; Waxing;  Health Club Services, Hearing Aid Business; Hearing Aid Dispenser


Bedding Manufacturer & Refurbisher,  Durable Juvenile Product Manufacturer


Coin Processor, Document Destruction Contractor, Pet Cemetery & Pet Crematorium, Security or Fire Alarm Installer, Telemarketer Business, Ticket Reseller

Updated: January 2024

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