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Department of Economic Development
     Division of Minority and Women's Business Development

Generally, a hearing (legal proceeding) or (written) appeal for a business (“Applicant”) that apply for and are denied certification as a minority or women-owned business enterprise (“MWBE”) by the Department of Economic Development, Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development (“DED”) after a review of a business’ certification or recertification application and subsequently provided written notice as to whether the application had been approved or denied certification status, based on the documents and information provided as well as any site visit or interview that was done.


Specifically, hearings before an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) where the Applicant and the DED provides evidence and arguments in support of its position through oral argument and testimony. Appeals, on the other hand, are written submissions containing evidence and arguments in support of Applicant’s position. The written submission is submitted to an ALJ and following that submission, DED will submit a written response.

Updated: January 2024

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